Coffee Corner-Shea’s Express

With the craziness of this first week filled with training, meetings and well more training finally coming to a close, I feel like I have a moment to sit and write. My exploration of Huntsville has been limited this week due to the fact that I don’t have a car yet. Of course that has not stopped me from setting out on my quest to find my replacement coffee shop. As most people know I am a bit of a coffee addict and though Dunks will always be my number one love it is not really an option here. (One dunks IN THE WHOLE TOWN eepp). With that said, little unchained coffee shops are going to become my new best friend and I am completely ok with this endeavor.

Can I have these chairs please?! So cute.

My first HSV coffee adventure lead me to a little cafe/sandwich shop called Shea’s Express. My first meeting with my new co-workers just happened to be a lunch meeting here and I must say I was pretty impressed. The decor has that cute coffee shop feel, but the space doubles as a regular restaurant where you can sit and have a beer or a glass of wine. The portion sizes on the salads and sandwiches are very generous and the Caprese Panini was amazing!

While deciding on a drink, I of course went straight for the specialty lattes. The selection was small, but everything sounded amazing and like a caffeinated sugar rush. Flavors like Snickers and Milky Way fell into the mix with every day caramel and mocha lattes.  Trying to have the most minimal sugar high as possible I went with a Raspberry Mocha Latte. And it was AMAZING and way bigger than I thought for the price (about 3.50/4 dollars for the medium).

Cutest hot cup grip ever!

Though a little too sugary for an everyday latte, defiantly a place I will go to again for when I need a latte/sugar kick. The down side, Shea’s Express is only open until 2pm! So get in early to get your daily fix!

*In the HSV area? Check out Shea’s Express at 415 Church Street Suite #5 or at


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Welcome to Atlanta…


Well it has been a crazy few days. Between training, making friends and exploring Atlanta I feel as though all I have wanted to do is sleep.

The last 4ish days have been spent in Atlanta Georgia preparing all of us for what to expect going into our year of service. I wont lie,getting ready to go into this I was expecting this to be daunting and miserable. I figured it be a bunch of people who were just there to get the training over with and get to serving. Boy was I seriously surprised when I ended up meeting some awesome new friends and having a BLAST out and about in Atlanta.


Best part of this trip-the massive Wednesday night outing to a bar called MoonDog. You can hate on the name all you want but this place was amazingly fun. One dollar vodka drinks ( in big girl glasses), 5 dollar pitchers, beer pong, flip cup, karaoke and dancing. I don’t really know how anyone who goes to college around there gets anything accomplished.
The downside by about midnight the place was crawling with 21 year olds and most of the bartenders had run out of vodka. But even with all that it was a great time with new people in a brand new place.

Oh and just some random Hotlanta love…. There was a dog….on the bar… Yeah, That actually happened #dixielife


As great as atlanta was, I am excited to be in Huntsville, meeting my roomie and get this service year started

XoXo -Cassi

Dream Big..

I apologize  for the lack of posting, and also that this one is going to be pretty short.

After a crazy month of packing, planning, heart-filled see you laters (goodbyes are to permanent sounding) , and one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen… The day has arrived. Today I pack up the last of my things and head to the airport for Atlanta for my Pre- Service Orientation and by Thursday night I will be in Alabama.  Part of me still cannot believe this day is actually here. Or that moving to Alabama is something I am really doing. But I guess we all do some crazy unexpected things in our 20’s. I’m looking forward to meeting new people, experiencing new things and over using technology to keep those important to me close. So Beantown.. I’ll see you at Christmas.


xox- Cassi

Her whole world in a suitcase by her feet…

If you have never had to try to condense your whole life into movable boxes consider yourself lucky. It is in no way an easy task. Especially for someone who may be a slight hoarder.  It becomes even harder when you are only leaving for twelve months and need to convince yourself that you don’t actually need everything. Along with getting everything else ready to go these last few weeks have been dedicated to figure out the things I am really going to need during my time in Alabama.

What I came down to is to bring the basics (clothes, basic shoes, beauty products, etc) and then the comfort items. Everything else can be boxed up and shipped to me later if I really need it. So what gets to be classified as a comfort object? To me it is anything that allows me to feel like I am back at home even though I will be 1200 miles away. So what made the cut?

1) Copy of Through the Looking Glass//Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland along with a copy of Perks of Being a Wallflower

2) Rocky Horror Picture Show bed shirt

3) Winter Stitch– Most people would want to be as far away from a stuffed animal given to them by someone they are no longer in touch with, but call me sentimental I feel like he has to come.

4) Pitch Perfect and Scott Pilgrim Vs the World– Because we all have those movies we have seen a million times and just make us feel good.
and my newest travel companions SpiderKerm and Marble Man.


For those of you who don’t know me, I have a slight obsession with Jenna Marbles and everything she does. So of course when she released stuffed animal versions of her pups I knew I wanted them. Thanks to two of my amazing best friends I am now the proud owner of my own pups. Which makes me smile even more because I can’t have a dog just yet. So they not only remind me of home and my friends, but  act as a place holder until I can have a real dog 🙂

With my moving date creeping up, the anticipation is borderline of fear and excitement.  But hey, that is what adventures are made of right?