Her whole world in a suitcase by her feet…

If you have never had to try to condense your whole life into movable boxes consider yourself lucky. It is in no way an easy task. Especially for someone who may be a slight hoarder.  It becomes even harder when you are only leaving for twelve months and need to convince yourself that you don’t actually need everything. Along with getting everything else ready to go these last few weeks have been dedicated to figure out the things I am really going to need during my time in Alabama.

What I came down to is to bring the basics (clothes, basic shoes, beauty products, etc) and then the comfort items. Everything else can be boxed up and shipped to me later if I really need it. So what gets to be classified as a comfort object? To me it is anything that allows me to feel like I am back at home even though I will be 1200 miles away. So what made the cut?

1) Copy of Through the Looking Glass//Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland along with a copy of Perks of Being a Wallflower

2) Rocky Horror Picture Show bed shirt

3) Winter Stitch– Most people would want to be as far away from a stuffed animal given to them by someone they are no longer in touch with, but call me sentimental I feel like he has to come.

4) Pitch Perfect and Scott Pilgrim Vs the World– Because we all have those movies we have seen a million times and just make us feel good.
and my newest travel companions SpiderKerm and Marble Man.


For those of you who don’t know me, I have a slight obsession with Jenna Marbles and everything she does. So of course when she released stuffed animal versions of her pups I knew I wanted them. Thanks to two of my amazing best friends I am now the proud owner of my own pups. Which makes me smile even more because I can’t have a dog just yet. So they not only remind me of home and my friends, but  act as a place holder until I can have a real dog 🙂

With my moving date creeping up, the anticipation is borderline of fear and excitement.  But hey, that is what adventures are made of right?



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