Welcome to Atlanta…


Well it has been a crazy few days. Between training, making friends and exploring Atlanta I feel as though all I have wanted to do is sleep.

The last 4ish days have been spent in Atlanta Georgia preparing all of us for what to expect going into our year of service. I wont lie,getting ready to go into this I was expecting this to be daunting and miserable. I figured it be a bunch of people who were just there to get the training over with and get to serving. Boy was I seriously surprised when I ended up meeting some awesome new friends and having a BLAST out and about in Atlanta.


Best part of this trip-the massive Wednesday night outing to a bar called MoonDog. You can hate on the name all you want but this place was amazingly fun. One dollar vodka drinks ( in big girl glasses), 5 dollar pitchers, beer pong, flip cup, karaoke and dancing. I don’t really know how anyone who goes to college around there gets anything accomplished.
The downside by about midnight the place was crawling with 21 year olds and most of the bartenders had run out of vodka. But even with all that it was a great time with new people in a brand new place.

Oh and just some random Hotlanta love…. There was a dog….on the bar… Yeah, That actually happened #dixielife


As great as atlanta was, I am excited to be in Huntsville, meeting my roomie and get this service year started

XoXo -Cassi


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