Vista Update: One down 11 to go!

With my first full month as an AmeriCorps Vista coming to an end, it seems fitting to give a little update of the things that have been going on in my world. For those who do not know. I am working for the United Way of Madison County. I work mostly with their Youth Leaders Council and with the Healthy Children’s Initiative, but sometime I get to help out at really cool events.

United Way Kick Off Party:

This was one long and hot Saturday filled with all of the Partners of United Way, some Board Members and a TON of community support. This event was a great way for community members to get out and enjoy the nice weather while learning more about United Way and the programs we help fund. Each of our Partners set up a table with information for community members and activities for the kids. There was a ton of awesome food, a GIANT cake, and the coolest activities. Like a bouncy house (pictured below) that sadly I was not able to play on because I am a “grown up” and had to be working. #lame.

Vista Members From Big Brother Big Sister and Myself

Bouncy Houses!!!

Autism Resource Foundation: Golf Tournament Fundraiser:

I also had the chance this month to help out with the Autism Resource Foundations Gold Fundraiser. This allowed me not only to DRIVE a golf cart but to actually figure out some of the rule of golf. I only stayed for about half of the event but from what I saw it was a huge success and helped to raise a lot of money for the foundation and the work that they do.

“They see me rolling”

Other than work and work events, life is pretty normal. Since it is now officially fall, I am getting SUPER excited for “scary” movies, PSL, Apple Cider and Pumpkin Spiced EVERYTHING, and of course HALLOWEEN. It may not feel like fall outside, but that does not mean it is not that amazing time of the year. And I won’t lie- I’m really enjoying that it is almost October and I can comfortably wear sandals still. 🙂



Tonight we’re gonna party like its 1985..

I know I have been the queen of slacking when it comes to this blog. Part of that is due to trying to get out and enjoy this new life I am starting. The other- the fact that I feel like I have so many ideas running through my head that I have yet been able to pin point the direction of my thoughts. Yet that is all become a bad excuse and I need to focus back on the things I enjoy, which is this blog and a few other blogging/internet projects that I am planning on starting in the next few months. But that all is not important right now..

What is important, The crazy amount of fun I have been having in HSV the last few weekends. The city may be smaller than what I am used to, but the company I have been keeping is amazing. My hands down favorite outing this month has been the 80’s themed party at Amendment. For those who do not know me 80’s themed ANYTHING make me a happy little girl, and this of course was no different. I loved getting to see the different takes on 80’s looks, especially the guy who came sporting his members only jacket.

Biggest downfall, Amendment is not a large enough venue to host a dance party and the D.J only played one genre of 80’s music and had a bad habit of interrupting songs to say nothing of importance. Yet even with all that, the night was great and I don’t think I have been that sore from dancing in a very long time.

The Bama Crew representing the 80’s

Here we go..

Happy Monday Lovies!,

Today marks my third week since starting my adventure to the south and is the first week that I am DONE with the “settling in “process.  We have moved into our apartment, my car has been purchased and I am as unpacked as I can be. Yeah I still need to decorate and make the place feel homier. But other than that I am ready to start exploring the place I will be calling home for at least the next 12 months. And most importantly start to create a group of friends here that will make things a feel a little more like home. With the internet finally up and running properly, I can focus a little more time here with all of you.

This past weekend has been a glimpse into what I hope weekends will start looking like. With a free concert on Friday and night out dancing Saturday it almost felt like I was back at home. I’m actually started to become excited about going out again and meeting new people. Which is not something that has been high on my list of things I enjoy doing. I’m starting to realize that it is amazing the things a person can force themselves to do when they no longer feel like they are being held back by something.

Hope everyone has a great Monday. And don’t worry lovies the weekend is only four days away.

XoXo- Cassi