Here we go..

Happy Monday Lovies!,

Today marks my third week since starting my adventure to the south and is the first week that I am DONE with the “settling in “process.  We have moved into our apartment, my car has been purchased and I am as unpacked as I can be. Yeah I still need to decorate and make the place feel homier. But other than that I am ready to start exploring the place I will be calling home for at least the next 12 months. And most importantly start to create a group of friends here that will make things a feel a little more like home. With the internet finally up and running properly, I can focus a little more time here with all of you.

This past weekend has been a glimpse into what I hope weekends will start looking like. With a free concert on Friday and night out dancing Saturday it almost felt like I was back at home. I’m actually started to become excited about going out again and meeting new people. Which is not something that has been high on my list of things I enjoy doing. I’m starting to realize that it is amazing the things a person can force themselves to do when they no longer feel like they are being held back by something.

Hope everyone has a great Monday. And don’t worry lovies the weekend is only four days away.

XoXo- Cassi


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