Case of the Mondays..

Monday is a rough day. You’re still recovering from the weekend and not fully motivated to do anything at work. And for those of us not Furloughed, we get to sit around and read all the Facebook updated of everyone’s Furlough-cation. But instead of being bummed about not having Columbus Day off or it being Monday in general, I decided today’s post should be about things that are awesome.

  •      Pumpkin Spiced Chai Tea Latte

Move over PSL and make some room for the PSCTL (ok so maybe that does not work as well. But I’m working on it!) Surprisingly there are actually some days in the world when I don’t want coffee, but would still like to enjoy that deliciousness that is Pumpkin Spiced flavoring. So when I discovered there was a CHAI LATTE that allowed me to blend in my favorite fall obsession, I was instantly hooked. I got mine at a local coffee shop here in Huntsville. But I’m sure if you talk to your Starbucks Barista (because we know you’re on a first name bases by now) they may be able to create this for you.

  •     Halloween

Saying you don’t like Halloween is like saying you don’t like puppies or rainbows or happiness in general. It is the only times of the year when it is socially acceptable to play dress up for as many weekends as you want. It is also the only time a year when you can scare the shit out of as many people as you want and no one can get mad at you. Because it’s Halloween and that is how we roll.

  •  Feeling Creative

Going along the lines with Halloween coming up, it means it is also time to start getting a costume ready. This year I threw away the idea of buying a costume that about 15 other girls will probably also be wearing. Because really what fun is that? I decided to put a DIY spin on one of my favorite characters to pretend to be and I must say I’m pretty excited.

  •   Once Upon a Time

Make fun all you want but I’m obsessed with this show and everything about it. And it doesn’t hurt that they are in Neverland this season. Oh and the fact that there is now a Once Upon a Time in WONDERLAND. Please ABC, keep bringing all my favorites on your station.

  • Snap Chat Music Wars

I don’t really know how this started, but I’m so glad it did. Miss J and I have pretty much taken to Snap Chat to send music clips to one another. The only (unspoken) rules are that the songs have to be totally random. Like these are not songs you would hear on the radio ALL the time. And of course that it has to be on the radio and not a CD/IPOD. See Snap Chat is not  just for cheating.

  •    Radio BDC

Let’s be real here, so far the music scene in Bama has not been up to my (musically snobbish) expectations. I have seen some bands play but it is nothing like being home. The radio stations I have found are pretty much oldies, top 40’s, rap, or country. And with that Radio BDC to the rescue! Thanks to the wonders of live streaming music, I can sit at my desk all day and pretend that I am still back in Beantown. And it does not hurt that Adam 12’s voice makes me swoon.

  •   Only 17 days until all the delicious Halloween candy goes to 50% off!
it started out with a kiss...

This pretty much sums it up how I will feel on November 1st

So for those of us who have to work today: Forget having a “Case of the Monday’s” and enjoy the better things in life. And if that does not work, Friday is not THAT far off.



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