Manic Monday: 8 things a woman should have

About half way through the day on a Monday is usually the time that my motivation for work starts to slip, and I begin to lose focus on what I’m supposed to be doing. In order to clear my mind and get myself back on track, I allow myself 15 minutes to do something that is not work related cleared out my head and get ready to work again.  Today while on my mini break I came across a blog post by the beautiful Emily who runs the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere. The post was in response to an article entitled 8 things every happy woman should have, which looked at 8 different and fun things a woman should make sure she has in her life. They may come off slightly silly and a little shallow. But like it states in her post it is important to take a minute to just look at who you are and what you like in your life at that moment. (It will also be fun to look back on this in a year and see if/how many things may have changed by then!).

8 Things Every Happy Women Should Have:

A signature drink:

This one is harder than it sounds because it really depends on where I am going and what kind of mood I am in. If it is fall pumpkin beers will always win if they are on tap. If not and I’m in a beer mood then a Blue Moon or Shocktop would be my next choice. When it is time to pull out the big guns, it will always be a Jack and Ginger with a lime.

A go to karaoke song:

Over the last four years karaoke has pretty much become a staple in my life. My go to songs when I’m not singing with Jaime are: Shadows of the Night, I Think We’re Alone Now, and Hey Jealousy.

A uniform:

On a casual day I’ll go for skinny Jeans, Tank Top/Tee Shirt (depending on the season), black bomber jacket, Sneaker Wedges,  and Statement Jewelry.  On a girls night out that is a little more fun I’ll head to the black body con skirt and a loose fitted top with heels.

Hairstylist they love:

This one is actually missing from the list since I have just moved and have only gotten my hair cut once since then. If anyone knows of someone great in Huntsville please let me know!

A hobby:

Blogging, crafting, writing, and photography (these are all relatively new hobbies.. but you have to start someplace right)

A work out plan:

Currently it is Barre 2 times a week, running 2 times a week and yoga once a week.

A best friend:

I could never just pick more than one best friend. I feel like that is not a fair statement to make because I have so many people who are in my life that deserve that title.  Yet if I had to pick it would  look like this, the Upstanding Citizens, The High School Posse, and the new ladies of my BamaCrew. And of course miss Lindsey and Christina who have been around since high school (aka stuck with them forever)

A healthy sense of self:

This is forever a work in progress. But it is important to have learned that there are some things that I will never be no matter how much I wish for them to be true. I’m never going to be a rich or a doctor or a movie star, hell I’m never going to be normal height. But that is ok, because I am awesome.

And I am going to add one of my own:

A Signature Color:

I think every woman should have a color that they know they look amazing in not matter what and make sure she wears it whenever she need that extra boost of confidence. For me, it is a cobalt blue

XoXo – Cassi


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