Birth of a Brain Child.

For the past month, I have been working on a health and wellness curriculum that the United Way can use in schools and after school programs throughout Madison County. I have researched, written and re written this curriculum focusing on health lifestyles, fitness and food alternatives. With the help of my friend Ellen we have put together every aspect of this program down to creating the pre and post questionnaires based off of ideas that have sprung into my head over since I worked at St. Stephens.

I like to call it my Brain Child. 

Today I got to sit down and present my brain child to the CEO of United Way Madison County and I swear I almost threw up. I don’t think I have ever been so nervous in my life. My mind was running at a mile a minutes and my hands would not stop shaking.

Yet I pushed through it and presented her the program with all the same excitement as I have every day when I come in to work on it.


Yes it needs some more work and tweaking. (It is only a brain child after all ) But I now officially have the green light from the higher-ups to continue developing this curriculum with the hope that we can get the test group out in the spring of 2014.

After feeling pretty useless at my job the past month… This has been a great day and has the next 9 months here really starting to look up!



Her heart grew three sizes that day…

I honestly cannot remember the last time I was excited to listen to Christmas music, or really the last time I was excited for anything about the holidays other than Chrismukka. Yet there is something in the air this Holiday season that has me ready to trade in my inner Scrooge for some Holiday Cheer. Maybe it’s the fact that this is the first year ever really away from home… Or it could be the fact that this is my first adult Holiday season without a significant other. But whatever it is, I think I like this renewed Holiday spirit.  Top things I’m most excited for this season-

Attempting to cook:

I don’t dare to tackle a whole holiday dinner on a first try for many reasons. The biggest reason being I don’t really know how to cook. The whole domestic “womanly” thing has never really been my way in the world. My roommate and I plan to have a mini variation of a Thanksgiving dinner, but there is no way we are going all out because it is just the two of us. Which got me thinking that until I have a “family” I doubt I will have to worry about hosting a full thanksgiving meal. But I will most likely be attending others where I would want to bring a dish to help out the Hostess. So this year I have decided to try to master one side dish and one dessert for each of the holiday dinner.


I no longer own a single holiday decoration. They were all my Dads to begin with and they still live with him. So currently my apartment will continue to look like it does every day of the year and I’m not okay with that. Yet instead of just buying generic looking decoration I have turned to the wonderful world of Pinterest to help me discover my inner Martha Stewart in Training.

And.. .. this albumkelly_clarkson_wrapped_in_red

because Kelly Clarkson can do NO WRONG.

X0X0- Cassi

Recap: Fall to do list

Fall has come and started to go faster than I thought it would. I feel like the weather just started changing and now it is already time gear up to think about the Holiday season. Which of course means a WHOLE new set of things I want to do before I head home for Christmas and NYE. But I wanted to take a minute to look at the things that I did actually get off the list for fall and of course challenge myself to do way better this time.

  • Pumpkin Carving
  • Favorite Halloween Movie Marathon
  • Make Apple Cider Sangria
  • Hiking- WITHOUT getting lost!
  • Caramel Apple Making Date
  • See a Scary Movie in theaters (Carrie! )
  • Fall Themed Baking Night
  • Find and Explore a “Haunted” Area
  • Go to the Pumpkin Farm
  • Read a Stephen King Novel – This has not happened YET but will by the time I go home. Thanks to my dad being awesome and sending me Misery in the mail and telling me I have to finish it before I see him next.
  • “Nightmare Before Christmas “movie night!

So I got 5 out of 11. Not to bad for a month. Who  knows maybe I can bust out a few more before the launch of the Holiday List on the 14th.


Holiday SneakPeak: Holiday Fashion

I have made myself a rule that I cannot talk about Christmas for another 9 days. Yet I’m slightly breaking my rule today because I cannot stop thinking about Holiday outfits. I blame the conversation about NYE parties I have been having, because they have gotten me into the spirit a lot earlier than expected.

This season I have fallen in love with tulle skirts. I love them dressed up or dressed down and I want as many of them possible in my closet. Let’s be honest what girl doesn’t want to feel like a princess without looking like they are wearing a Halloween costume. I can’t wait till my official start to the Holiday season I can start the hunt for the perfect outfit.