Roommatesgiving and some thanks

This year was the first Thanksgiving in all my 25 years of life that I have not spent with my family. I had originally decided to do an Alonesgiving. (Now that I look back on that idea it sounds way more depressing than I had originally thought.) It wasn’t that I didn’t have any place to go, as much as I didn’t want to intrude on someone else’s family traditions.

Thankfully my roommate felt the same way and we turned Alonesgiving into ROOMMATESGIVING. We “cooked” (aka: bought everything canned or boxed and made it because we are grownups!) drank wine, and just had a really good time. Then instead of being forced to watch football, I got to spend the next 24 hours snuggled in my bed with Harry Potter (Thanks ABC Family), a good book and hot coco.

So Yeah, I may be late on this post. But I’m going to call this Thanksgiving a WIN!

And of course: Top 5 things I have been thankful for this year

  • Realizing when one thing ends- it doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything.
  • New friendships that I have made this past year
  • My new-found ability to make a budget, and actually (most of the time) stick to it
  • My kick-ass roommate
  • Unlimited amounts of free coffee at work.

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