RIP- Nelson Mandela

This post was not planned. And it hasn’t even been thought out as much as the others. But today we lost one of my heroes and ones of the greatest men in history.  Sadly today, at the age of 95 Nelson Mandela passed away.

You’re probably wondering why a little white girl from Boston is so  upset about the passing of Mandela.

In  the summer of 2007 I did a service learning trip to South Africa where I not only got to help out at local schools but I got to see and hear about the work the Mandela Foundation has been doing. I got to hear about the Apartheid, I got to see one of the prisons Mandela was in, I got to see the home he grew up in and hear about his story and his work from the South African perspective.

Circa 2007

Circa 2007

Circa 2007.

Circa 2007.

From this trip- A man I had never met change how one 19 year old girl saw the world and her place in it. I changed my major a month later and started working to my goal of working with “low-income” and “at risk” youth,

It sounds cliché and I don’t really care.

It’s true,  It happened, and I am deeply saddened by his passing and that I will now never have the chance to meet him.



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