Turn it up Tuesday: My inner tween…

With my Disney trifecta finally growing up and leaving behind their days as the starlets of that world, I assumed this meant that I would finally be done with being sucked into Disney’s musical trance.

Sadly I learned I was wrong.

I have been obsessed with the song Replay since I heard it for the first time. Now mind you, I have only heard it in the car and have never thought to wonder who sang it…..

I was surprised to learn it was ANOTHER Disney star. I never really watched her show Shake it Up, (which is ok, because I’m not the demographic and I heard it was terrible anyway). But I will say, I don’t care if she is just another Tween-Star, I’m still going to sing along to this song EVERY time I hear it.

we all have our musical guilty pleasures right ?




Turn It up Tuesday: Can’t help but love

Sometimes (not often) I do listen to  songs released in the past 3 months. I usually steer away because most of them suck. But in the last month a few have slowly earned their way into my” songs I can’t help but love” mindset.

Seriously can Shakira do ANYTHING wrong ❤


Both of these songs have become the new additions to the “I’m not really sure why I love it but I can’t stop listening to you!”                                        


Style Me Savvy: This is Sparta!

Those who know me know that I have a slight (okay .. huge) shoe addiction. If I could have a room filled with just shoes it would be the second best room in my house. (my future library will always win first).

So when I saw this photo of Kourtney Kardashian rocking these AMAZING gladiator sandals. I fell head over heals in love.

Sadly those exact beauties do not have a price tag attached to them that make then sensible  for those of us who do not have our own TV series. So I put myself on a mission to find myself a less expensive and just as amazing version of these for the upcoming spring/summer season.

Click to redirect to stevemadden.com

As usual, my go to shoe lover Steve Madden did not disappoint me! I would like to introduce you to Sparta. At 100 dollars these are a steal and I cannot wait to have them in my closet!



DavistoDixie Update: Oh Hey February

It is crazy to think that by the end of this month I have been in Huntsville for 6 months. I still find it a little crazy that I am living here and really loving (almost) every moment of it. In the past 6 months I have done so many small things that part of me thinks would not have happened if I had stayed in Somerville.

Since moving here I have:

  • Bought a car
  • Started hating driving a little less (still not one of my favorite things to do)
  • Learned to ball on a very limited budget
  • Made friends with people who would have intimated the heck out of me (and who did for the first month)
  • Learned to live in peace with another person (if you know me, you’d know I have had some BAD luck with roommates )
  • Learned to speak up at work for what I want, what I think, and how I am being utilized.
  • Started to gain a greater understanding of where I want my career to go and what I can see myself doing in life.
  • Started to stop obsessing over what other people’s opinions are about me.
  • Remembered what it is like to just have fun and began to let go of the need to be Queen B.
  • Began breaking down the walls I like to keep up and letting another person into my life again. (best choice EVER)

It all may sound silly and like something everyone does. But for someone who let other people define who she wanted to be.  These are pretty big accomplishments for me and I am really excited to see what the next 6 months have in store for me.



Turn It up Tuesday: CD’s are totally still cool

Remember when CD’s were cool? ( for anyone under 21 I SWEAR they were cool at one point).

I used to wait for months for my favorite band to come out with a new CD and then run to Strawberries or Newbury Comics to buy it as soon as possible. When Ipods became a thing and buying music online was all the range… I moved on from buying CD’s to making mixes for literally every occasion. And since I am sentimental (aka.. a memory hoarder) I have yet to get rid of any of my CD’s from high school.

Flash forward to 2014- where my car has a CD player but not adapter for an Ipod to connect to.

Due to this my car has become one giant flashback all day every day. For the last month my music rotation has looked a little like this:

Take off Your Pants and Jacket – Blink 182

LimpBizkits Greatest Hits

Autobiography- Ashlee Simpson

Best Damn Thing- Avril Lavine

Graduation Mix made by the Fab 5 (yeah we were really cool in high school don’t judge)

XoXo- Cassi

Style Me Savvy: I’m So Totally Clueless

If you have walked into a Forever 21 lately you will probably asked yourself the same thing I have.

“Why does it looks like Cher Horowitz’s closet exploded in here?“. (and if you do not understand this reference… I feel sorry for your childhood).. To me, this means one thing. The 90’s are back with a vengeance and I am so stoaked!

Now don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of trends from the 90’s I would like to see stay dead (anyone else remember butterfly clips and chokers .. Not sure what we were thinking!) Yet there are some that I cannot wait to incorporate into my spring and summer wardrobe.

90's comeback

1 2 3 4

Turn it up Tuesday: Miley always knows what is up.

Say what you will about her personal life, her performances, or really anything she has done since her days as a Disney starlet. I’m not at all ashamed to admit that I LOVE Miley Cyrus.

Ever since she cut the Disney chord and has done her own thing she has always had at least 4  songs on her albums that have ended up being my jam. Bangerz is not exception. “Adore You” has been stuck in my mind since the first time I heard it. It has recently made its way on my playlist for my office. (and may be on their more than once so I can hear it a few times during the day…my poor co-workers).

The video is a little.. well Miley like. But whatever, I love the lyrics and wish I knew who she was singing to (Liam maybe?) . I don’t care what Miley does as a performer. She can roll around half-naked licking all the cameras she likes as long as she sings me her sweet melodies.