Turn it up Tuesday: My inner tween…

With my Disney trifecta finally growing up and leaving behind their days as the starlets of that world, I assumed this meant that I would finally be done with being sucked into Disney’s musical trance.

Sadly I learned I was wrong.

I have been obsessed with the song Replay since I heard it for the first time. Now mind you, I have only heard it in the car and have never thought to wonder who sang it…..

I was surprised to learn it was ANOTHER Disney star. I never really watched her show Shake it Up, (which is ok, because I’m not the demographic and I heard it was terrible anyway). But I will say, I don’t care if she is just another Tween-Star, I’m still going to sing along to this song EVERY time I hear it.

we all have our musical guilty pleasures right ?




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