Manic Monday: Being an adult is hard.

Don’t get me wrong. I love living on my own and doing this whole “grown up thing.”

But living away from home had made me really realize a few things I never knew that I either A) had no idea how to do or B) never realized how annoying they are. Because let’s be honest here, 7 years of higher education really prepared me for nothing. (not a thing. Except maybe how to avoid public safety on a Friday night… Thanks SNHU and Wheelock!)

Things I have no idea how to do:

Taxes: I don’t get them, I don’t like having to do them. And when I fail at doing them myself, I hate that  I’ll have to pay someone else to do them. There just needs to be a machine that I can just take pictures of all my documents and it does all the work for me… for free.. Come on science get on that.

Take care of my car: Oil changes? New Tires? Check Engine light?… What is all this craziness?!.. I know how to put gas in you and drive you places.. That is about the extent of that. (the poor BassMobile, I should probably learn these things )

Being on time:  I don’t know if this is a new thing.. (Have I ALWAYS been late for everything?) For some reason the concept of getting someplace at the correct time has escaped me. I am at least 5 minutes late for everything no matter what time I get myself out of the house (by 5 minutes I really mean like 15.. but really who is counting).

Going to the Doctors for anything other than an emergency: Yup I’ll admit it. Unless I have a life threateningly high fever, I will most likely wait out what every sickness I have. (and sometimes not even a fever will get me to go.. oops) I don’t have a PCP or honestly even know how to get to the closet hospital (Wait that is kind of a lie..I know where it is!!.. sorta… okay yeah I don’t know where it is…. damn…) How do you how you even go about finding a PCP?… Dad I blame you on this one!

Things I have learned are annoying and I hate them:

Laundry (More specifically putting laundry away)……..Just no. I don’t have time for this. Put yourself away.

Grocery Shopping:  I’m sorry but why is food so expensive?  It is a basic need.. why are you charging me so much for meat products. Fuck that!  Oatmeal, peanut butter and coffee until I die! (Which will probably be young since I’m living off oatmeal, peanut butter and coffee).

Bills: I have always known bills suck. But living on my own has made me realize it even more. Especially when there is a polar vortex and the utilities bill doubles in a month.  ::Sigh:: 


Jenna Marbles speaks to my soul

Lunch Hours: Okay so I know I’m probably going to get feedback on this. “What! how can you hate lunch hours! it’s a break from work!”  Don’t get me wrong I love eating lunch.  I would just rather take a 15 minute lunch and go home earlier than sit around twirling my thumbs for an hour. Because really who takes a WHOLE hour to each lunch!

Networking, Job interviews, meeting people for the first time:… And basically anything that involves face to face social interaction.  (This is why we have the internet!!) If I don’t know you already, chances are talking to you makes me uncomfortable and socially awkward. (Mostly because I am painfully socially awkward)

Basically can I just go back to the days where my biggest worry was if my cousin had sunk ALL my barbies to the bottom of the swimming pool.



2 thoughts on “Manic Monday: Being an adult is hard.

  1. Can I just be honest and say I love your blog! This has to be my favorite post so far. It literally describes my life to a T. Hope you don’t mind, you just gained a follower!

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