Style Me Savvy: Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth!
Fourth of July is always a fun time. It is a day that we get to celebrate being awesome with good food, good friends and fireworks!  Of course it is also an excuse (and socially acceptable) to be decked out in head to toe red white and blue. I can’t wait to grab some ‘Merica flair and spend the night watching things explode.
X0X0- Cassi

Oh hey Summer.

Holy crap,

It is officially summer.

Which is weird to me because it has felt like summer for the past 2 months. Now we are just in this weird humid hellmouth. (southern weather + curls = mean)


But still, I feel like it was just New Years Eve. and now I’m one week away from turning 26, my VISTA year is over in exactly 2 months, and I have no idea what the heck I am doing with my life. (but let’s be honest with ourselves. no one know what they are doing, we are just all really good at pretending to be adults.)

But with all that real life stuff aside (future Cassi can deal with that later!) I must say I am very happy with my choice to stay here.  I feel like I got a lot of push back from people who think I am insane for not coming back up north after this VISTA year. And maybe I am insane. Who knows.

But so far this summer has been filled with going to the fairs, balloon adventures, cook outs, karaoke nights, movie dates, hiking, and soon my first ever canoeing adventure.

I’m excited to see what it brings next 🙂


X0X0- Cassi


Happy Father’s Day!

I heard on the radio the other day that Father’s Day does not get as much love as Mother’s Day. And honestly I do not think that is fair at all. (but maybe I am bias from growing up in a single parent father led house hold.)

Reasons why my Dad is way cooler now than he was when I was 16.

He sends me Facebook messages talking about things like Johnny Depp, How hot Topanga is, and how many beers he has had that night.

As much as  he wont admit it- I now know he loves 80’s hairbands as much as I do (yeah I know you have Every Rose has its Thorn on your ipad!!)

Staying up until 4 am to watch Dirty Harry and Joe Dirt is something that is missed and not dreaded.

The embarrassment factor of hanging out with a parent is gone. So going out drinking is socially acceptable (and he pays!)

All the things I used to think made him lame- are now some of my favorites. (Damn you Miller High Life and Chuck Taylors. )

We can now share “war” stories of life and not feel like I’m going to get grounded.

When I told him I was thinking of  moving 1200 miles away to a place I had never heard of. The first thing he did was help me Google Huntsville to see what kind of city it was. And never once told me I was insane.

He no longer had the ability to embarrass me (which I feel he may take as a challenge to find new ways to do just that)

We can now bond over books and movies

Because the Bee girl dance hasn’t died in 20+years

The fact that he agrees with me that being normal and growing up are optional things.


So a Happy Father’s Day to the parent who didn’t bail and got stuck with me through adorable princess child (my words not his): crazy rebellious, annoying bitch like teenager (Most likely his words) to this weird adult like thing I have been forced to become!

He is so going to kill me:)

He is so going to kill me:)

Back in the day favorites: Childhood was sweet

The 90’s have made a fashion come back. ( We have already hit that point here ).

But let’s be honest – Most of us would rather see a 90’s food comeback. Back in the day (oh  man did I really just say that) before food regulations and obesity rates, we had good old fashion crap. Because really there is no other way to describe the deliciously disgusting things that we used to consume during snack time.

It is sad to know that these future generations will not understand the happiness that seeing that your dad gave you an extra pack of gushers in your lunch box. Or that you got TWO of the white Shark Bites in one packet. (was it just me or was this clearly the superior flavor?)

So a shout out to the people in charge –  here is my list of snacks I would like to see during this time of  the 90’s revival.


Crispy M &M

I don’t care what anyone says Pretzel M&M’s are not the same.


This is pretty much a given. Who here DIDN’T love these things. (if you are one of the weird group that didn’t I’m unsure if we can be friends anymore)


Was it fruit juice, was it straight up sugar. I have no idea. All I know is it was delicious

Shark Bites


HI-C Ecto Cooler

I was never really sure if I was drinking Slimer- or just Slimer endorsed happiness.

Rice Crispy Treats Cereal

Sugar on top of sugar and loaded with more sugar


These remind me of my cousins Jenny and Lauren. Their mom always made sure we had these and Kool-Aid after school. And Jenny and I would fight over who got which Squeeze it character.

 So yeah.. let’s make this happen. Please and thank you.

X0X0- Cassi

P.S- the more I read this list, the more I understand why I was such a fat child. #noregrets 


I’m pretty sure we need to build an ark…

I’ve been MIA the last week, mostly due to spending the week packing, the weekend moving, and then Sunday at urgent care making sure I didn’t have strep throat. (Not to worry, it wasn’t strep)

And now it is  another work week

And it has been raining for what seems like forever

But it is still hot and humid (Alabama weather is weird)

But that is all okay, Because Pretty Little Liars comes back on today.

and in honor of PLL and my obsession with Lucy Hale I have had her new album on repeat all weekend.

I don’t what it, but this song makes me smile every time I hear it.