Happy Father’s Day!

I heard on the radio the other day that Father’s Day does not get as much love as Mother’s Day. And honestly I do not think that is fair at all. (but maybe I am bias from growing up in a single parent father led house hold.)

Reasons why my Dad is way cooler now than he was when I was 16.

He sends me Facebook messages talking about things like Johnny Depp, How hot Topanga is, and how many beers he has had that night.

As much as  he wont admit it- I now know he loves 80’s hairbands as much as I do (yeah I know you have Every Rose has its Thorn on your ipad!!)

Staying up until 4 am to watch Dirty Harry and Joe Dirt is something that is missed and not dreaded.

The embarrassment factor of hanging out with a parent is gone. So going out drinking is socially acceptable (and he pays!)

All the things I used to think made him lame- are now some of my favorites. (Damn you Miller High Life and Chuck Taylors. )

We can now share “war” stories of life and not feel like I’m going to get grounded.

When I told him I was thinking of  moving 1200 miles away to a place I had never heard of. The first thing he did was help me Google Huntsville to see what kind of city it was. And never once told me I was insane.

He no longer had the ability to embarrass me (which I feel he may take as a challenge to find new ways to do just that)

We can now bond over books and movies

Because the Bee girl dance hasn’t died in 20+years

The fact that he agrees with me that being normal and growing up are optional things.


So a Happy Father’s Day to the parent who didn’t bail and got stuck with me through adorable princess child (my words not his): crazy rebellious, annoying bitch like teenager (Most likely his words) to this weird adult like thing I have been forced to become!

He is so going to kill me:)

He is so going to kill me:)


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