Oh hey Summer.

Holy crap,

It is officially summer.

Which is weird to me because it has felt like summer for the past 2 months. Now we are just in this weird humid hellmouth. (southern weather + curls = mean)


But still, I feel like it was just New Years Eve. and now I’m one week away from turning 26, my VISTA year is over in exactly 2 months, and I have no idea what the heck I am doing with my life. (but let’s be honest with ourselves. no one know what they are doing, we are just all really good at pretending to be adults.)

But with all that real life stuff aside (future Cassi can deal with that later!) I must say I am very happy with my choice to stay here.  I feel like I got a lot of push back from people who think I am insane for not coming back up north after this VISTA year. And maybe I am insane. Who knows.

But so far this summer has been filled with going to the fairs, balloon adventures, cook outs, karaoke nights, movie dates, hiking, and soon my first ever canoeing adventure.

I’m excited to see what it brings next 🙂


X0X0- Cassi



3 thoughts on “Oh hey Summer.

  1. Congrats for almost being done with your VISTA year! Great to hear that you are staying put and taking up more adventures in the South!

    Whatever you end up doing with your life, you are going to be great at it! No doubt about it. I know that for a fact because of where WE started. In FIN AID @ SNHU of course! You are my Secret Life Bestie… God… do I miss that show!!! HAHA

    Good luck and talk to you soon!

    xoxo LP 😉

  2. Thanks love!
    It is crazy to think that this year has just FLOWN by. and even crazier thinking it has been so long since we started out filing papers in that office together. Once I find some kind of job I know that I will be able to breath a little easier and really get to enjoy at least another year here.

  3. TIME FLIES and that will never change! We all need to learn to be satisfied with whatever is in front of us.. It is a work in progress! You will find something just like I will! Good luck! 😀

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