This fall has been..


And by insane I mean and absolute roller coaster of emotions and events.

I really thought my last post would set me up to start posting on the regular again. But then I let emotions get the best of me and I crawled into what I like to call my emotional burrito. Once I am in the burrito I never want to come out.

But  I have finally forced myself out, and also forced myself to start doing things I actually enjoy again. Starting with writing.

And it is just in time for my favorite time of the year.

Anyone who has been following me from the start knows that the starting from October and going until Jan 1st is my all time favorite time of the year.

And I love sharing all the exciting things with people of the blog land!!

I have so much to share from October, so I will definitely be working on a “What was missed” post coming to a social media outlet near you soon.