…And I’m back..

As you might have noticed I have been a little silent in the blogosphere the last few months

Mostly because July and August were a crazy time of :

“omg my vista year is ending and now I have to figure out what I am going to do with myself?!?!?”

Which to be honest wasn’t as hard of a question as I thought it was going to be.

For those who don’t know. I have decided to stay in Huntsville at least for the next year. (because I only have the ability to look at things one year at a time.)

I have work, It may not be exactly what I thought I would be doing at 26- but it pays the bills and I actually enjoy going to work. – and that is always a plus.

This past year was way crazier than I thought it was going to be. Living the life of an Americorps VISTA is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. But in all honesty, I wouldn’t change the experience for anything.

Yeah I spent the last year broke, stressed and constantly worried if I was going to have to choose between paying my bills or eating dinner that night-

But also in that same year. I did some great work with the United Way, Autism Resource Foundation and NAMRC, I got to get out of the little bubble that was my safe place of New England, I learned the wonders of Ke$hmas, I became addicted to the world that is southern food (even if it has made me a little fat), and I have made friends with some amazing people that I never would have met if I didn’t take this job.

I am very excited to see where the next year leads.!



Oh hey Summer.

Holy crap,

It is officially summer.

Which is weird to me because it has felt like summer for the past 2 months. Now we are just in this weird humid hellmouth. (southern weather + curls = mean)


But still, I feel like it was just New Years Eve. and now I’m one week away from turning 26, my VISTA year is over in exactly 2 months, and I have no idea what the heck I am doing with my life. (but let’s be honest with ourselves. no one know what they are doing, we are just all really good at pretending to be adults.)

But with all that real life stuff aside (future Cassi can deal with that later!) I must say I am very happy with my choice to stay here.  I feel like I got a lot of push back from people who think I am insane for not coming back up north after this VISTA year. And maybe I am insane. Who knows.

But so far this summer has been filled with going to the fairs, balloon adventures, cook outs, karaoke nights, movie dates, hiking, and soon my first ever canoeing adventure.

I’m excited to see what it brings next 🙂


X0X0- Cassi


Back in the day favorites: Childhood was sweet

The 90’s have made a fashion come back. ( We have already hit that point here ).

But let’s be honest – Most of us would rather see a 90’s food comeback. Back in the day (oh  man did I really just say that) before food regulations and obesity rates, we had good old fashion crap. Because really there is no other way to describe the deliciously disgusting things that we used to consume during snack time.

It is sad to know that these future generations will not understand the happiness that seeing that your dad gave you an extra pack of gushers in your lunch box. Or that you got TWO of the white Shark Bites in one packet. (was it just me or was this clearly the superior flavor?)

So a shout out to the people in charge –  here is my list of snacks I would like to see during this time of  the 90’s revival.


Crispy M &M

I don’t care what anyone says Pretzel M&M’s are not the same.


This is pretty much a given. Who here DIDN’T love these things. (if you are one of the weird group that didn’t I’m unsure if we can be friends anymore)


Was it fruit juice, was it straight up sugar. I have no idea. All I know is it was delicious

Shark Bites


HI-C Ecto Cooler

I was never really sure if I was drinking Slimer- or just Slimer endorsed happiness.

Rice Crispy Treats Cereal

Sugar on top of sugar and loaded with more sugar


These remind me of my cousins Jenny and Lauren. Their mom always made sure we had these and Kool-Aid after school. And Jenny and I would fight over who got which Squeeze it character.

 So yeah.. let’s make this happen. Please and thank you.

X0X0- Cassi

P.S- the more I read this list, the more I understand why I was such a fat child. #noregrets 


Turn it up Tuesday: Everything is a learning experience

I have been an MIA blogger this past week (personal issues and what not)

Sorry ❤

I’ve been a whole bunch of emotions, but I guess that is what happens.

But now it is over, done with and it is time to move on.

And get back to things that are happy and fun.

and less stupid.

But in the words of my best friend “Treat everything like a learning experience”

oh and to listen to a lot of Kelly Clarkson!




Turn It Up Tuesday: You can take the girl out of the city….

I don’t  like to dwell on tragic events in the past. But I do know the importance of remembering. And that is what I plan to do.

With that said…

..it feels perfectly acceptable to have this song on repeat today. (and everyday really. I mean come this song is great) Along with spending the day listening to RadioBDC.





Manic Monday: Being an adult is hard.

Don’t get me wrong. I love living on my own and doing this whole “grown up thing.”

But living away from home had made me really realize a few things I never knew that I either A) had no idea how to do or B) never realized how annoying they are. Because let’s be honest here, 7 years of higher education really prepared me for nothing. (not a thing. Except maybe how to avoid public safety on a Friday night… Thanks SNHU and Wheelock!)

Things I have no idea how to do:

Taxes: I don’t get them, I don’t like having to do them. And when I fail at doing them myself, I hate that  I’ll have to pay someone else to do them. There just needs to be a machine that I can just take pictures of all my documents and it does all the work for me… for free.. Come on science get on that.

Take care of my car: Oil changes? New Tires? Check Engine light?… What is all this craziness?!.. I know how to put gas in you and drive you places.. That is about the extent of that. (the poor BassMobile, I should probably learn these things )

Being on time:  I don’t know if this is a new thing.. (Have I ALWAYS been late for everything?) For some reason the concept of getting someplace at the correct time has escaped me. I am at least 5 minutes late for everything no matter what time I get myself out of the house (by 5 minutes I really mean like 15.. but really who is counting).

Going to the Doctors for anything other than an emergency: Yup I’ll admit it. Unless I have a life threateningly high fever, I will most likely wait out what every sickness I have. (and sometimes not even a fever will get me to go.. oops) I don’t have a PCP or honestly even know how to get to the closet hospital (Wait that is kind of a lie..I know where it is!!.. sorta… okay yeah I don’t know where it is…. damn…) How do you how you even go about finding a PCP?… Dad I blame you on this one!

Things I have learned are annoying and I hate them:

Laundry (More specifically putting laundry away)……..Just no. I don’t have time for this. Put yourself away.

Grocery Shopping:  I’m sorry but why is food so expensive?  It is a basic need.. why are you charging me so much for meat products. Fuck that!  Oatmeal, peanut butter and coffee until I die! (Which will probably be young since I’m living off oatmeal, peanut butter and coffee).

Bills: I have always known bills suck. But living on my own has made me realize it even more. Especially when there is a polar vortex and the utilities bill doubles in a month.  ::Sigh:: 


Jenna Marbles speaks to my soul

Lunch Hours: Okay so I know I’m probably going to get feedback on this. “What! how can you hate lunch hours! it’s a break from work!”  Don’t get me wrong I love eating lunch.  I would just rather take a 15 minute lunch and go home earlier than sit around twirling my thumbs for an hour. Because really who takes a WHOLE hour to each lunch!

Networking, Job interviews, meeting people for the first time:… And basically anything that involves face to face social interaction.  (This is why we have the internet!!) If I don’t know you already, chances are talking to you makes me uncomfortable and socially awkward. (Mostly because I am painfully socially awkward)

Basically can I just go back to the days where my biggest worry was if my cousin had sunk ALL my barbies to the bottom of the swimming pool.


2014 means: “you do you”

2013 has come and gone, and I would be lying if I said that I’m not fully excited to fully close that chapter of my life and start this next one. But what those dark days  did teach me, is how unimportant it is to give any fucks about what people think about you, what you do, how you dress, where you work and who you date. 

In the words of my amazing friend CJ- “You do You Boo Boo”….and that is exactly what I plan to do and it has become my official mantra of 2014!

As for New years resolutions: Every year we all make resolutions of things we are going to change or how we are going to fix the things that are wrong with us… I say Eff that. 

My resolution for 2014:

Because clearly Kid President knows whats up!

Because clearly Kid President knows whats up!

X0X0- Cassi