Style Me Savvy: All Choked Up

All Choked Up


1)    2)    3)   4) 

Chokers are making a fashion comeback and I for one could not be happier. Personally, I am a bigger fan of the ones that have the choker and a secondary layering necklace. But let’s be honest you really cannot go wrong with any of them.  Thank you 90’s fashion Gods for bringing this trend back.. and please never take it away from me.

What is everyone’s favorite choker trend?

Favorite 4: SAG Awards

Top 4 at the SAG Awards 2017



Kaley Cuoco



Evan Rachel Wood



Talulah Riley



Zuri Hall


Honorable Mention:


Chrissy Teigen

This was so hard because Queen Chrissy can pretty much do NOTHING wrong. I didn’t want to do another Top 4 Tie.. But I also couldn’t make this post without gushing over this look.  Out all the outfits on the Red Carpet for this event her outfit is the only one I could picture wearing on the regular.

“Why Do I Love This” Award


Nicole Kidman

I don’t care what anyone says- this dress is adorable. It sparkles and has feathers. You took a risk Mrs. Kidman and it worked perfectly!

“You Tried” Award:


Maisie Williams

Don’t get me wrong.. I LOVE both of these looks– Just..not together. The dark goth make up and the almost skin colored dress.. I just can’t with them together.  So close Maisie.. So close.

Favorite 4: Golden Globes edition

It is my favorite time of year again, AWARD SHOW SEASON!!!  

The time of year where I sit around my TV or computer dreaming that one day my shot will come and I will be on the red carpet were Valentino . ( hey…. A girl can dream can’t she!)  Until that day comes, I will have to deal with living vicariously through the rich and famous. Lucky for you ( or unlucky .. depends on how you look at it) I’ll be here all awards season with my top looks from each event.

First up.. Sunday 1.8.2017 Nights Golden Globes: (full disclaimer I didn’t get to watch the Golden Globes this year- so all of this is based off photos)

When I started scrolling through picture, I will say I was disappointed, there was nothing that stood out to me as amazing. Thankfully after about 10 photos that all changed and this became very hard to narrow it down to my top 4 favorites for Women.



Susan Kelechi Watson




Luciana Barroso



Priyanka Chopra

1 (Tied)

Honorable Mention:

All of the Stranger Things Kids.


 Umm this is your first real big red carpet and you all look like pros.. A+ to your stylist!

“Why do I love this “ Award:


Janelle Monae

No idea why- but I would totally wear this.

“Nope- Just nope” Award:

….. I just can’t. Natalie you are a seasoned pro at this point.  I know you are pregnant.. But you can do better than this.

Jill- I’m all about this trend…. But please take note from all the other ladies wearing pants/suits on the red carpet. You are at the Golden Globes NOT the MTV Music Awards circa 2003. #knowyouraudiance

I’m not even going to touch the topic of Pharrell… You know what you did- we don’t need to keep reminding you. At this point, I think you just do it on purpose. (if you don’t know what he did… click here. Because I don’t even have the words to deal with it this year)

XoXo- C

The Queen B’s: 2016 recap

I’m not even going to try and make an excuse for why it has been almost 2 years since I posted anything. (Because let’s be honest- I have no good excuse other than I am lazy AF)

Instead- I’m just going to jump into my 2016 wrap up and start getting things ready for 2017.

XoXo- C


Trust Fund Matte Lipgloss in: K, Bye

While writing this I have discovered that they no longer carry this color on the website. My heart is breaking a little since I now have to make this one last for the rest of my life. Most people know I am all about the bold lips – but I had been searching for something I could throw on at 5 on my way to work. At this time I could not get my hands on any Kylie Lip kits and was failing to find the right dupe to add to my collection. Then the Ipsy gods sent me “K, Bye” and my world changed. . It is just dark enough that you can tell it is on, but light enough to wear every day to work. The formula is long-lasting (no one likes to have to always reapply) and it does not dry out your lips. I really have no idea what I will do when this tube runs out now 😦


“ Maybe in Another Life”- By Taylor Jenkins Reid

I read almost all of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books in 2016… I think there is still one out there I have to add to the list for 2017. I think out of all of them “Maybe in Another Life” is my favorite. Without giving anything away- the story has our main character have to make one life choice at the end of her night- Does she go home with the handsome man…or does she just go home…. Then splits into two tales following how different her life would go in each scenario. It was interesting to see the similarities and differences in her life and how just ONE choice can change everything about the path we with we are one.


Jamberry Nail Wraps:

Seriously… 2016 was the year of Jamberry for me. I blame Jaime F ( if you’re out there S just know the obsession is still real). If you haven’t tried them, I highly recommend them. I’m pretty sure I have spent way more money on these beauties then I should admit. I also got a few other friends just as hooked on them. Whatever my nails look great (when I do them) and we help keep Jackie in business.


Magical Silver Unicorn Hair:


Not me… Picture found Via pinterest.

Okay maybe this won’t become a FULL thing until 2017 (damn you dark ass hair that takes forever to lighten). But I am obsessed with the idea of having long silver ombre hair. I saw the trend on Buzzfeed back in August and have been working on the process ever since. I’ve hit a few bumps in the adventure, but I haven’t fully given up hope yet!.


Closer – The Chainsmokers ft.Halsey

I actually cannot explain what it is about this song that I love… but ever since the first time I heard it I have been obsessed.

Through the (Chinese) Looking Glass…MET Gala Top 4

Finally, I have a moment to sit down and write. Everything has been so crazy with changes with my job (the family I work for just adopted TWINS ahhh!!), moving, and starting what I am calling chapter three in the south. Of course this did not stop be from taking a moment to lust after the amazing (and not so amazing) fashions at one of my favorite events of the year The MET Gala!

This years Gala and Exhibit theme is called China: Through the Looking Glass– And many celebrities took to that as inspiration for their Gala outfits. Though I didn’t love all of them, most of them were fantastic. But not everyone can make my top four list- So who made this years cut?

Top Four MET Gala: Best Dressed 2015

4.Elizabeth Banks


3.Jennifer Lawrence 


2.Georgia May Jagger 


1. Zendaya

This years I’m not really sure what to think award goes to:

FKA Twigs and Solange Knowles 

FKA Twigg solange

I want to hate them, But something about them keeps me drawn to it.

Trend I would love to see die: Sheer and Sparkles.. 

beyonceandjayz Jlow

I’m sorry I don’t care that you are both the queens of the universe. You look like you are going to a trashy award show and not the MET Gala! Bey and J-Lo I love you both but please. Just stop this madness. Adding glitter to something sheer does not an outfit make!

Who’s outfits were a hit or miss in your book? Let me know in the comments!

XoXo- C

Ps- I know I didn’t even touch Rhianna’s outfit. I felt the internet had done that enough for me. Why be totally redundant

Your Hair is Everywhere…

Okay so maybe my life isn’t ‘a Dashboard Confessional’s song.

But let’s be honest we have all done things to our hair that has damaged it to a point that you are scared it will never bounce back. My most recent hair fail was that time during the summer I truly believed that my DARK BROWN locks would look way better if they were blonde (fun fact- they don’t) followed by a bright red cover up a few months later and then black to top it all off…

Needless to say- My hair has not been my best friend since all of this started.

So when I got my influenster VoxBox filled with a new hair product set to try I was pretty excited. I received the Dessange Paris USA box and I was expecting it to be a tiny little sample that I would only get to try once. OH NO my friends- these were full blown products. That alone sent this frugal fashionista into over drive.


The box came with Shampoo, Conditioner, and an oil serum for after washing. 

Now I’m not one to normally get excited over hair products- Mostly because I can never find anything that really works in my super curly, dry and thick hair. But this stuff is actually pretty awesome. After the first day I could already feel that my hair felt smoother. By week two, I was able to wear my hair down WITHOUT any other hair product in it. (this is a HUGE thing for me because I usually use about 4 or 5 other products to try and keep my curls from drying out or turning into a frizz ball. ) This product has been really great for my hair and smells AMAZING. I finally got myself over to target to check out the price point and the shampoo and conditioner are both around $10 and the oil is $13. This is way more than I usually spend on hair product- But the amount I have had to use in order to feel like it is “working” is less than any of my other products. And since I have curly hair I only shampoo ever other day. With all that said I feel like it evens itself out.

My negative to this product is that this brand does not look like they have any product that caters to ladies with curly hair. And these products have taken a little bit of the spring out of my curls.

If they could come up with a curl enhancing and moisturizing product they would easily jump to being my new favorite


(Pay no attention to how bad I look. I have been at work since 7am- and my hair has been unbrushed and in a ponytail this this whole day)

4/5 Stars for the #JadoreDessange VoxBox!


**I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

My reviews are all my own words and feelings- I was in no way, shape or form compensated for my review ***