Show Some Leg

Shorts are a staple for summer

Especially in the death heat that is Alabama summer.

Sadly, my closet is down to about one pair that fits

On the bright side, that means I have an excuse to add this year’s trends to my closet.

Show some leg



Patches have made a comeback and my tween heart doesn’t care how lame you think this is!!! Downside- AE is charging WAY more than they should for this trend. Plus side- Thrift stores have so many shorts and you can buy patches on Etsy or at Michael’s pretty cheap. DIY patch party anyone?!?


Matching two piece sets have been on my skeptical list for a while now. At first, all I could think about was how tacky it was going to look having all the same pattern on. But the more I see it on people, the more I fall in love with this trend. Personal Tip- keeping it to one bold pattern is enough. I have seen some that get a little too extra. For me, that just makes go down hill fast.


Oh, the love-hate relationship I have with rompers. I have always been afraid of them due to being so short. But this year I’m throwing away all those fear and I am on the hunt for the perfect one This one for Charlotte Russe is a close contender- Because really who can say no to cut outs AND floral.


Another year has come and I still have not made it to the holy grail that is Coachella. Of course, that isn’t gone to stop me from letting my inner wild child shine and stocking my closet with festival shorts. High on the list are these ones with the side lace for a little extra fun. ( maybe add some patches! All the trends.)

What is the short trend you all are looking forward to most?

Leave it in the comments.

Xo- C


Style Me Savvy: Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth!
Fourth of July is always a fun time. It is a day that we get to celebrate being awesome with good food, good friends and fireworks!  Of course it is also an excuse (and socially acceptable) to be decked out in head to toe red white and blue. I can’t wait to grab some ‘Merica flair and spend the night watching things explode.
X0X0- Cassi

What to Wear for Memorial Day

Who doesn’t love a three-day weekend?!
Especially one where you are pretty much expected to stay outside, have cook outs and drink beers with friends.
And of course look cute while doing it!
So in honor of Memorial Day weekend I have put together some of my favorite cookout/pool party/beach trip attire.

Style Me Savvy:Fashion Cravings

Fashion Cravings: may2014

Style me Savvy: Grown up Easter outfits

When I was little one of my favorite parts of Easter was getting a brand new Easter Dress.
But as I got older that excitement started to die out (mostly because now I was required to buy my outfit )
Which just seems silly because really who doesn’t love an excuse to get dressed up cute!
So what if my plans for this Easter consist of me sitting in my room eating peeps.
 That doesn’t mean I can’t dream of cute outfits to wear while doing that.