Swim into Spring

Happy Second Day of Spring!

(Yes this is going up a day later than I wanted it to.. oops)

I don’t know about you all, but I am so ready for sunshine and warm days.

Sadly my wardrobe is a little less ready.

Which clearly means it is time for me to start searching fort the perfect spring trends.

I’m dedicating every Tuesday from now until May to searching and sharing my favorite spring trends!

Up first  Swimwear!

Swim into Spring


For me- this summer will be all about cut-outs, halter necklines (this year’s tan lines are going to be the best!) and bold colors/patterns!

What is your favorite swim trend? Let me know in the comments.


The Queen B’s: 2016 recap

I’m not even going to try and make an excuse for why it has been almost 2 years since I posted anything. (Because let’s be honest- I have no good excuse other than I am lazy AF)

Instead- I’m just going to jump into my 2016 wrap up and start getting things ready for 2017.

XoXo- C


Trust Fund Matte Lipgloss in: K, Bye

While writing this I have discovered that they no longer carry this color on the website. My heart is breaking a little since I now have to make this one last for the rest of my life. Most people know I am all about the bold lips – but I had been searching for something I could throw on at 5 on my way to work. At this time I could not get my hands on any Kylie Lip kits and was failing to find the right dupe to add to my collection. Then the Ipsy gods sent me “K, Bye” and my world changed. . It is just dark enough that you can tell it is on, but light enough to wear every day to work. The formula is long-lasting (no one likes to have to always reapply) and it does not dry out your lips. I really have no idea what I will do when this tube runs out now 😦


“ Maybe in Another Life”- By Taylor Jenkins Reid

I read almost all of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books in 2016… I think there is still one out there I have to add to the list for 2017. I think out of all of them “Maybe in Another Life” is my favorite. Without giving anything away- the story has our main character have to make one life choice at the end of her night- Does she go home with the handsome man…or does she just go home…. Then splits into two tales following how different her life would go in each scenario. It was interesting to see the similarities and differences in her life and how just ONE choice can change everything about the path we with we are one.


Jamberry Nail Wraps:

Seriously… 2016 was the year of Jamberry for me. I blame Jaime F ( if you’re out there S just know the obsession is still real). If you haven’t tried them, I highly recommend them. I’m pretty sure I have spent way more money on these beauties then I should admit. I also got a few other friends just as hooked on them. Whatever my nails look great (when I do them) and we help keep Jackie in business.


Magical Silver Unicorn Hair:


Not me… Picture found Via pinterest.

Okay maybe this won’t become a FULL thing until 2017 (damn you dark ass hair that takes forever to lighten). But I am obsessed with the idea of having long silver ombre hair. I saw the trend on Buzzfeed back in August and have been working on the process ever since. I’ve hit a few bumps in the adventure, but I haven’t fully given up hope yet!.


Closer – The Chainsmokers ft.Halsey

I actually cannot explain what it is about this song that I love… but ever since the first time I heard it I have been obsessed.

The Queen B’s : Spring List

It has been a while since I have busted out a Recent Obsession section. Which is weird seeing as it is my favorite one to write.  But do not fear- I have decided to bring it back!

I will admit it.  At times I can be a total creature of habit. I find things that I love and I obsess over them until…well until I’m sick of them.  (  I can also be insanely fickle with material things and I change my mind SUPER quickly.. basically I’m a walking contradiction. but whatever.)  

But, this blend of being fickle and a love for consistency has led to a cycle of things to love. For the time being at least


I have never really been one for chap stick. I will buy them, but then I’ll lose them or stop using them because I’m weird like that. But back in February my boyfriend’s sister brought me back a coconut chap stick from her trip to Hawaii and… I am obsessed.  The best way I can describe it is that is smell like summer. Which of course just makes me a super happy little girl. (and makes me wish I was at the beach). It has quickly become a staple in my make- up bag.


Iced Skinny Vanilla Macchiato

Is there a difference between this and a vanilla latte??!! I couldn’t really tell you.  But it makes me happy and broke all at the same time.. Thanks Starbucks.




Yup that is right I said it.

I don’t know when these came back into fashion, but they have been popping up all over my dashboard for the past month. At first I was a little (ie very) skeptical. But the more I see them, the more I can’t wait to add a cute pair to my closet. It does seems to be a hit or miss trend that can very easily become ” I reverted back to a 12-year-old with no idea what fashion is”. But hey, what is life without some risks.



Seriously, I love this girl. I don’t know her personally and I probably will never meet her. (BUT…I wish I could because I’m pretty sure we would be best friends.) Her blog cracks me up and I look forward to every new post.  From one Southern transplant to another I feel I can’t relate to most of the crazy that is her life.

If you like humor, drawings on post it notes, and reading about other people’s life. Then her blog is definitely for you.



Yup, I also jumped on that bandwagon. I can’t help it. I’m a sucker for stories about what the world is going to be like once we screw it up with wars and shit. It’s no Hunger Games. But it does fill the void left in my little book nerd heart.