Ragnar Diaries: Road to Ragnar

If you had told me a year ago that I would be gearing up to run a 200-mile relay race with 11 of my friends. I would have told you that you were on crack. Yet here I am running around getting everything ready to pack up for what I am expecting will be one crazy weekend. (if you don’t know what Ragnar is Click the link here and take a look at the insanity that will be happening this weekend)

You may be wondering how I found myself doing something so outside my comfort zone. Well, it all comes down to the ” year of yaaaassss” and my love of pizza. ( yes. I agreed to this for free pizza- this is not the first time I agreed to do something because of the promise of free pizza)

When my friend asked me back in November ( I think, dates are hard.) I looked at him like he was insane. But since I wanted to stick to my ” year of yaaaassss” I said sure why not. Thinking of course that there was still time to back out.

I started training on my own around that time. At my first run, I thought I was going to die and my average mile time was around 17 minutes. I remember sitting on the floor at the gym thinking “there is no way in hell I can do this. JK is going to kick me off his team.”

Yet I kept going because I had talked about it so much with everyone that I started to get excited. I mean who wouldn’t be excited to be jammed in a van with their friends while all gross and sweaty….( partial sarcasm).

We started doing Saturday runs together outside to get used to running not on a treadmill. Somewhere in the training it got to a point where I really started to look forward to Saturday runs and not dread everything about them. My miles and speed slowly started to increase without me even noticing it and my confidence about the race started to get a little higher (not much.. but a little)

I’m excited and nervous about how this weekend is going to go. Either way, it is going to be an interesting story to tell for a long time. And for those who know me, know how much I love bragging rights 🙂

The last two days have been filled with packing, prepping snacks, prepping amazing playlists and trying to tune out the nerves while I get ready to spend 36 (+) hours with my VanFam!

Don’t worry blog friends- I will updated you on how everything goes!**

Xo- C


** If you follow me on Instagram I will be posting and Insta-streaming events of the weekend!  If you don’t follow and want to check it out- My insta username is Cupcakenova. ( I will be making my Insta public for this weekend only for those who want to check out the craziness!)


Rewind: An October recap




Photo Credit: Mallory Johnston

Photo Credit: Mallory Johnston


A beautiful fall wedding:





this pretty much sum up how AMAZING  October was.

I am so sad to see it come to an end.

But I am excited for a nice little break before the craziness of the Holiday season starts coming.

Even if I may be a LITTLE excited to start all those post again. 🙂

Hope everyone has been having a fabulous fall


Mexican Monday AND Cinco De Mayo!!!!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!


AKA an excuse to drink mass amounts of tequila on a Monday and no one can judge you!

Looking for some drink ideas to celebrate your Cinco De Mayo? Look no further. This site  has some traditional ideas (ie: margaritas!!!) and a few I have never heard of.  The one I’m excited to try: Cuervo Tradicional El Diablo.( Mostly because it’s a Cape Codder with Tequila #whitegirlstyle )

Have a safe and fun Cinco De Mayo.


I won a Sunshine Award!!!!

I won a Sunshine award?!?!? Woot Woot!!!


I honestly didn’t think people even read this thing, let alone like it enough to nominate me for a blogger award. But the amazing woman over at  “My 10 things” seems to enjoy my random writings. ( and I love her for it!). If you haven’t read her blog check it out. It is full of list (duh!- and who doesn’t love a good list), humor and all around happiness.

So what is a Sunshine Award you may be asking: the basic concept of the Sunshine Award is to recognize “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”. ( who knew the sporadic thought bubble that is my brain could inspire the blogosphere. WINNING)

So here is my post to accept my award! At the end I’ll list some other amazing blogs I feel are Sunshine Award worthy! In order for them to accept they must follow the rules below!:

1. Display the Award Certificate on your blog.
2. Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.
3. Post 10 interesting things about yourself.
 Nominate some fellow deserving bloggers for the award.
5. Link your nominees in the post and let them know about their nomination with a comment.

10 somewhat interest facts about myself that I’m willing to share on the internet:

1) I once pierced my belly button in the boy’s dressing room bathroom.

I was 16. My dad said I couldn’t get my belly button pierced. I of course had a friend who believed that they were totally qualified to take on this task because there brother (I think it was) was training to “do this for a living”. We took a (sterilized) needle and ring from his stash to drama rehearsal one night. And well. The rest was painful history. (That is now a  scar on my stomach because OBVIOUSLY we messed it up and I had to take it out like 2 months later. ) This is one of those few times I will say, I probably should have just listened to my dad.

2) I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 24.

 Yup, true story. Not even sorry. I lived in the city who needs a car when you have public transit.

3) I have a sister and a nephew that I have never met. And I only learned this through Facebook.

The egg donor My mother, had another child before me. Once she peaced out I never really had any contact with that side of the family. Through the wonders of Facebook my half-sister was able to track me down. (I don’t really know HOW… I should ask her that) About a year later she gave birth to the most adorable little boy. But they both live in Virginia and I have yet to meet either of them in person.

4) I have an irrational hatred towards odd numbers

 I literally have no explanation for this. But I will actively avoid doing things in odd numbers. Pumping gas, the money amount always has to be an even number. Important date, better do it on an even day. Eating Skittles, better eat them in an even number. It is strange and I have no logical reasoning for it.

5) I’m a social butterfly with severe social anxiety.

 Yeah… I’m still trying to figure this one out myself.

6) When I was in High School I almost broke my leg jumping off a wall.

 This is another one for the “Sorry Dad” category because I really have no idea what lame ass story I gave you for this one.

In high school my friend Josh used to write scripts and the rest of us as inspiring actors all wanted to be part of his movies. At this point in time, I couldn’t tell you what this script was about (chime in Josh if you reading this and remember!). But it did involve two of the male characters jumping off a wall at the beach.


For reference.. this is the area in which this was happening.. and that was the wall we are speaking of…#oops

They must have done like 20 takes of it and not once did one of them get hurt. So my so smart 15-year-old brain thought… I could do that. …Lesson… No I could NOT. I landed straight down on my feet, my knee cracked and swelled up and I couldn’t walk. Went to the ER and luckily it wasn’t broken, But I was on crutches for about 2 or 3 weeks… Worst part… We had the whole thing on film… (I really hope that got lost away with the rest of the tapes!)

7) If I could live off of tacos and pizza I probably would.

You can’t even disagree on this one.

8) As a child, my aunt convinced me an alligator lived in her room.

This was her way of keeping me out of her stuff. And I totally fell for it. I was freaked out to go anywhere near that room. Mind you, we lived in Massachusetts. There is no way in the world there could have been an alligator anywhere near our house…. THANKS AUNTIE.

9) I 100% wish I had been born in a time where I could have enjoyed living through the 80’s.

The hair, the fashion, the music… what is not to love!

10) I walk better in 5 inch heels than I do in flats. 

On stable ground. I Jennifer Lawrence every time she got to the Oscars (aka a klutz). In heels I’m like Tyra on the runway. Nothing about me makes any sense.


And the Nominations go to!

The Perpetual Plothole

Project Light to Life

Food 4 the Heart

What 24 looks like 



Karaoke Queen

At some point in my life, karaoke has become a go to for every emotion.

Got Dumped??

Let’s go to karaoke and sing angry chick music


Let’s go celebrate at karaoke


We have to go to karaoke to and sing love songs

Random Thursday night?!


During this time of karaoke craziness I have learned there are two kind of  karaoke people. Those who take karaoke WAY too seriously and those who give no fucks and just want to have fun.

 Yet even with those two extremes,  personally I believe that every die heart karaoke queen (or king) has the same basic pattern when choosing the perfect karaoke songs.

We all have:

Our “Never fail go to song/artist”:

No matter how “bad” a singer you are, we all have that one song or artist that we can feel pretty comfortable doing as a karaoke song. For me that is Pat Benatar. It is a scientifically proven fact that if it is a karaoke night I will start the night with one of her songs. Why.. because I like to think I live in the 80’s and because she has a similar vocal range.

Our “Audience Favorites”:

After 3 years of doing karaoke at a sports bar I have learned that this can change weekly. Depending on the age of the crowd that is there.(or if you are at a sports bar it can depend on if the home team won or lost). But of course there are some never fail songs.. ” Don’t stop believing” ,  Any Boy Band or Pop star from the 90’s, or ” Pour Some Sugar on Me.”  have always proven to be instant crowd favorites.

Basically anything that at least 80 percent of the people in the bar can sing along with is usually a good starting point.

I like to go with “I think were alone now” or if I am with Miss Jaime “Wanted Dead or Alive”

Our “Random Group Sing Along”:

Every group of girls who goes to karaoke has this song. It is the one song that you don’t really  sing as much as you can just say all the words. (or if you have had enough to drink you- just yell the chorus because it is the only part you know) But it doesn’t matter because you are just here to have fun.

(this is usually not a song choice that the “I take karaoke way to seriously” people usually have fun with)

And lastly:

 Our “I don’t even care I’m drunk and I’m going to sing it no matter what you say” songs:

These are the songs you’ll hear at about an hour an a half before closing time. No matter what you tell yourself, you sound terrible.  Worst part is, deep down you know you sound terrible. But  you sing these songs no matter what. And everyone else is also drunk so really there isn’t anyone who is going to stop you.

When my liquid courage kicks in I like to convince myself that I can be both Aretha Franklin and Katy Perry.(not at the same time, though I’m probably sure I have tried)

 I can not be either of them.. ever. Not matter what Jack Daniels says

 When those words come out of my mouth you know it is time to take the sign up pen away from me and hand me a water.



The Queen B’s : Spring List

It has been a while since I have busted out a Recent Obsession section. Which is weird seeing as it is my favorite one to write.  But do not fear- I have decided to bring it back!

I will admit it.  At times I can be a total creature of habit. I find things that I love and I obsess over them until…well until I’m sick of them.  (  I can also be insanely fickle with material things and I change my mind SUPER quickly.. basically I’m a walking contradiction. but whatever.)  

But, this blend of being fickle and a love for consistency has led to a cycle of things to love. For the time being at least


I have never really been one for chap stick. I will buy them, but then I’ll lose them or stop using them because I’m weird like that. But back in February my boyfriend’s sister brought me back a coconut chap stick from her trip to Hawaii and… I am obsessed.  The best way I can describe it is that is smell like summer. Which of course just makes me a super happy little girl. (and makes me wish I was at the beach). It has quickly become a staple in my make- up bag.


Iced Skinny Vanilla Macchiato

Is there a difference between this and a vanilla latte??!! I couldn’t really tell you.  But it makes me happy and broke all at the same time.. Thanks Starbucks.




Yup that is right I said it.

I don’t know when these came back into fashion, but they have been popping up all over my dashboard for the past month. At first I was a little (ie very) skeptical. But the more I see them, the more I can’t wait to add a cute pair to my closet. It does seems to be a hit or miss trend that can very easily become ” I reverted back to a 12-year-old with no idea what fashion is”. But hey, what is life without some risks.



Seriously, I love this girl. I don’t know her personally and I probably will never meet her. (BUT…I wish I could because I’m pretty sure we would be best friends.) Her blog cracks me up and I look forward to every new post.  From one Southern transplant to another I feel I can’t relate to most of the crazy that is her life.

If you like humor, drawings on post it notes, and reading about other people’s life. Then her blog is definitely for you.



Yup, I also jumped on that bandwagon. I can’t help it. I’m a sucker for stories about what the world is going to be like once we screw it up with wars and shit. It’s no Hunger Games. But it does fill the void left in my little book nerd heart.


Roommatesgiving and some thanks

This year was the first Thanksgiving in all my 25 years of life that I have not spent with my family. I had originally decided to do an Alonesgiving. (Now that I look back on that idea it sounds way more depressing than I had originally thought.) It wasn’t that I didn’t have any place to go, as much as I didn’t want to intrude on someone else’s family traditions.

Thankfully my roommate felt the same way and we turned Alonesgiving into ROOMMATESGIVING. We “cooked” (aka: bought everything canned or boxed and made it because we are grownups!) drank wine, and just had a really good time. Then instead of being forced to watch football, I got to spend the next 24 hours snuggled in my bed with Harry Potter (Thanks ABC Family), a good book and hot coco.

So Yeah, I may be late on this post. But I’m going to call this Thanksgiving a WIN!

And of course: Top 5 things I have been thankful for this year

  • Realizing when one thing ends- it doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything.
  • New friendships that I have made this past year
  • My new-found ability to make a budget, and actually (most of the time) stick to it
  • My kick-ass roommate
  • Unlimited amounts of free coffee at work.