Turn It up Tuesday: CD’s are totally still cool

Remember when CD’s were cool? ( for anyone under 21 I SWEAR they were cool at one point).

I used to wait for months for my favorite band to come out with a new CD and then run to Strawberries or Newbury Comics to buy it as soon as possible. When Ipods became a thing and buying music online was all the range… I moved on from buying CD’s to making mixes for literally every occasion. And since I am sentimental (aka.. a memory hoarder) I have yet to get rid of any of my CD’s from high school.

Flash forward to 2014- where my car has a CD player but not adapter for an Ipod to connect to.

Due to this my car has become one giant flashback all day every day. For the last month my music rotation has looked a little like this:

Take off Your Pants and Jacket – Blink 182

LimpBizkits Greatest Hits

Autobiography- Ashlee Simpson

Best Damn Thing- Avril Lavine

Graduation Mix made by the Fab 5 (yeah we were really cool in high school don’t judge)

XoXo- Cassi


Turn it Up Tuesday: High school Flashback

Yesterday was pretty much the perfect  lazy day I have had in a long time. The weather was beautiful (62 in January YES PLEASE), I have a good book currently being read and of course a great soundtrack to as background noise while soaking in the day.

Unfortunately thanks to the (bi)polar vortex, the weather here in Alabama is back into the 30’s and I have been teased with a taste of spring.

In order to keep myself from slipping into an “I want spring now” rage, I have the soundtrack to my summer days playing while sitting in my windowless office.

During the warm weather days in high school, my favorite thing to do was drive around with a friend with the windows down and BLARE Jon Fredrick Band (or DJI… . pretty much which ever band he was in at the moment! )

Of course now any time I hear any of those songs it brings me back to those warm spring days when I could just kick back, be lazy, and my biggest worry in life was if I was going to pass Algebra or not.

::Sigh:: That voice can still make me swoon like a little high school girl.