Rewind: An October recap




Photo Credit: Mallory Johnston

Photo Credit: Mallory Johnston


A beautiful fall wedding:





this pretty much sum up how AMAZING  October was.

I am so sad to see it come to an end.

But I am excited for a nice little break before the craziness of the Holiday season starts coming.

Even if I may be a LITTLE excited to start all those post again. 🙂

Hope everyone has been having a fabulous fall



Back To Reality

I love holiday weekends.

Especially ones that make you feel like you have done so much in a three and a half day time frame.

This Memorial Day weekend involved some of my all time favorite things, such as:

  • Spending Friday night at the Fair, while being a huge nerd on a carousel and eating red velvet funnel cake20140527_100326[1]


  • Getting to spend a Saturday morning lounging by the pool with a good book and your awesome roommate, and then dancing the night away one last time with your friends before they leave to start their next adventure.


  • Taking crazy photos with friends, while watching hot air balloons and fireworks.


  • And of course, no Memorial Day weekend would be complete without a cookout!


Seriously… do I have to be back in the office now?!

Style me Savvy: It’s not easy being green

I love St. Patrick’s Day! And not just because it give me an excuse to spend all day drinking whiskey (okay.. that may be PART of the reason I love it. ). But it also brings back the awesome memories of going with my aunt and uncle to Southie (aka the most Irish place in the states*.. ) for the annual parade. I may not be anywhere close to Southie anymore but that is not going to stop me from putting on some green and enjoying a Jameson and Ginger while watching the Huntsville version of a St. Paddy’s day parade. (because a Jameson and ginger at 11 am is perfectly acceptable )
In honor of St Patrick’s Day weekend I have complied some super cute (and cheap!) ways to help you celebrate the day right!
St Patrick's Day 2014
* That may not be an accurate statistic but I’m bias so.. I don’t care. It is now accurate 🙂
XoXo- Cassi

Haunt-tastic Halloween

Over the last few weeks Halloween has pretty much consumed my life. I knew what I wanted to be but I also knew I did not want to spend a ton of money on a generic looking costumes. Which is how I ended up turning



Into this!:


About 5 hours of work and so much glitter went  it to transforming myself into one of my favorite characters TINKERBELL. But I will say all the work was worth it. Between rocking outside  at the HYP event at 3 caves and taking over the karaoke room at Rush this was a great way to spend my all time favorite holiday. Totally  worth the day long hangover.

especially when you have these two crazy ladies to spend it with!



Ps: Shout out to the Huntsville Young Professionals for putting on such an amazing event, I already cannot wait until next year.

Tonight we’re gonna party like its 1985..

I know I have been the queen of slacking when it comes to this blog. Part of that is due to trying to get out and enjoy this new life I am starting. The other- the fact that I feel like I have so many ideas running through my head that I have yet been able to pin point the direction of my thoughts. Yet that is all become a bad excuse and I need to focus back on the things I enjoy, which is this blog and a few other blogging/internet projects that I am planning on starting in the next few months. But that all is not important right now..

What is important, The crazy amount of fun I have been having in HSV the last few weekends. The city may be smaller than what I am used to, but the company I have been keeping is amazing. My hands down favorite outing this month has been the 80’s themed party at Amendment. For those who do not know me 80’s themed ANYTHING make me a happy little girl, and this of course was no different. I loved getting to see the different takes on 80’s looks, especially the guy who came sporting his members only jacket.

Biggest downfall, Amendment is not a large enough venue to host a dance party and the D.J only played one genre of 80’s music and had a bad habit of interrupting songs to say nothing of importance. Yet even with all that, the night was great and I don’t think I have been that sore from dancing in a very long time.

The Bama Crew representing the 80’s

Coffee Corner-Shea’s Express

With the craziness of this first week filled with training, meetings and well more training finally coming to a close, I feel like I have a moment to sit and write. My exploration of Huntsville has been limited this week due to the fact that I don’t have a car yet. Of course that has not stopped me from setting out on my quest to find my replacement coffee shop. As most people know I am a bit of a coffee addict and though Dunks will always be my number one love it is not really an option here. (One dunks IN THE WHOLE TOWN eepp). With that said, little unchained coffee shops are going to become my new best friend and I am completely ok with this endeavor.

Can I have these chairs please?! So cute.

My first HSV coffee adventure lead me to a little cafe/sandwich shop called Shea’s Express. My first meeting with my new co-workers just happened to be a lunch meeting here and I must say I was pretty impressed. The decor has that cute coffee shop feel, but the space doubles as a regular restaurant where you can sit and have a beer or a glass of wine. The portion sizes on the salads and sandwiches are very generous and the Caprese Panini was amazing!

While deciding on a drink, I of course went straight for the specialty lattes. The selection was small, but everything sounded amazing and like a caffeinated sugar rush. Flavors like Snickers and Milky Way fell into the mix with every day caramel and mocha lattes.  Trying to have the most minimal sugar high as possible I went with a Raspberry Mocha Latte. And it was AMAZING and way bigger than I thought for the price (about 3.50/4 dollars for the medium).

Cutest hot cup grip ever!

Though a little too sugary for an everyday latte, defiantly a place I will go to again for when I need a latte/sugar kick. The down side, Shea’s Express is only open until 2pm! So get in early to get your daily fix!

*In the HSV area? Check out Shea’s Express at 415 Church Street Suite #5 or at


*Have a favorite coffee shop you think I should try, or have a favorite at Shea’s Express?  Leave it in the comments! or follow me on twitter @davistodixie and hashtag #coffeecorner!