Style Me Savvy: All Choked Up

All Choked Up


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Chokers are making a fashion comeback and I for one could not be happier. Personally, I am a bigger fan of the ones that have the choker and a secondary layering necklace. But let’s be honest you really cannot go wrong with any of them.  Thank you 90’s fashion Gods for bringing this trend back.. and please never take it away from me.

What is everyone’s favorite choker trend?


Style me Savvy: Mixed Metals

Most people who know me and my style know two things, I love silver and I’m addicted to Alex and Ani bracelets. This Christmas my baby (by baby I mean she is like 9.. whatever) cousin got me two new Alex and Ani’s to add to my collection. To  my surprise she got me one in gold  and also a colorful beaded bracelet. I have never been one to mix metals so I was a little worried about how everything was going to mix together.

To my surprise, I loved the way it all looked when put together!

The new additions to my growing collection!

The new additions to my growing collection! This has opened up a whole new level to my obsession.


My Grown Up Christmas List

Normally by the end of November I have a giant Christmas list that I write out and give to my dad. (because that’s what grown ups do right?) Yet this year since he was so generous to buy my plane ticket home to spend the holidays with my Boston people. I thought it would be nice of me to call that my Christmas present and not bombard him with a million request.

Of course. That hasn’t stopped me from searching EVERY holiday gift guide on the internet.

So what  made the cut this holiday season for my top wants (and probably will spend the next year buying for myself...)

Kate Spade Personal Organizer : Because Kate Spade = Perfection

Harry Potter Coffee Mug: Etsy My inner nerd and inner coffee addict have met to for the perfect coffee mug

Book: Hunger Games and Philosophy  and Book: Alice in Wonderland and Philosophy I’m obsessed with these books! I already have the ones looking at Harry Potter and Dexter. I have created a mission to own ever one of them that aligns with movies/shows I love.

DVD: Boy Meets World- The complete series What could make Christmas better… Owning every episode of BMW and being able to spend countless hours with Shawn, Corey and Topanga

Style Me Pretty: Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette I have learned that if you want to invest in a make up palette the Naked series is the way to go.

Style Me Pretty: Chloe and Isabel Jewelry I don’t own enough statement earrings and I pretty much love this whole line.

Shoe Love: Steve Madden DESI .. Because having the right shoes can help start off the new year feeling fabulous.

Happy Holidays!