Turn it Up Tuesday: High school Flashback

Yesterday was pretty much the perfect  lazy day I have had in a long time. The weather was beautiful (62 in January YES PLEASE), I have a good book currently being read and of course a great soundtrack to as background noise while soaking in the day.

Unfortunately thanks to the (bi)polar vortex, the weather here in Alabama is back into the 30’s and I have been teased with a taste of spring.

In order to keep myself from slipping into an “I want spring now” rage, I have the soundtrack to my summer days playing while sitting in my windowless office.

During the warm weather days in high school, my favorite thing to do was drive around with a friend with the windows down and BLARE Jon Fredrick Band (or DJI… . pretty much which ever band he was in at the moment! )

Of course now any time I hear any of those songs it brings me back to those warm spring days when I could just kick back, be lazy, and my biggest worry in life was if I was going to pass Algebra or not.

::Sigh:: That voice can still make me swoon like a little high school girl.



That’s what Christmas means to me…

I really am all about Christmas this year. So.. yeah I’m sorry for all the holiday post (I lied. I’m really not that sorry)

The other day I stated thinking about things I used to do/believe about Christmas when I was a kid. We all had our weird traditions (though I don’t remember ANY being as creepy as Elf on a Shelf… Just saying). Thinking back to them now it makes me giggle a little that there are so many things I used to be 100 percent convinced of, that I had not thought about in years. Or things I never thought were really tradition and I thought EVERYONE did. (Until I started meeting people who thought I was just weird)

  • I used to be CONVINCED my grandfather was Santa Clause. Not in the “Oh there is no such thing as Santa and my parents are really buying me presents and they are lying to me” way. But in the “Oh my God he looks just like Santa which means he must actually be Santa” way. I used to get scared that I was never going to get presents because there was no way he could miss when I was bad because I lived with him.
  • “Santa Baby”, “All I want for Christmas is you” and “Baby it’s cold outside” have always been my favorite Christmas songs. But I never realized how awkward it sounds for a 7-year-old to be running around singing them until now. (oops)
  • There were about three years that I truly believed that if I didn’t watch Mary Kate and Ashley’s Case of the Christmas Caper Santa would not come to my house because he would still be kidnapped or whatever happened in that movie. (I never claimed to be the SMARTEST kid).
  • Ever since it came out, I watch ELF at least 20 between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And if my father calls me anytime during the Holiday season I will answer with “Buddy the Elf What’s your favorite color?”
  • Mr. Hanky from South Park sits a top my fathers Christmas tree and has ever since I was in high school.
  • Thanks to my love Jaime (@jaimepoison), we brought back Christmukka and birthed the tradition of Christmukka pigs in a blanket.
  • There were some years I used to write Santa an extra letter asking for a mom and sibling.. This went on for a while, until a friend told me that if I had a mom I would have another person who I would have to ask permission from and a sibling meant I would have to share my toys. I promptly wrote Santa a letter asking that he ignored all my previous request for a mom and sibling and that I would take an American Girl doll instead.
  • For the past 10 years my high school friends and I have taken “Family Pictures.” Every year the group keeps growing and it makes me a happy little girl.
  • I could watch Rudolph and The Year Without a Santa Clause over and over. (I still don’t understand why Herbie wants to be a dentist. )
  • NEVER come between me and Hot Coco.. You will lose.
  • Every Christmas Eve/Christmas my dad and I watch a Christmas Story at least 4 times all the way through and our favorite scenes at least once an hour. Thank you TBS for bringing that to us every year!

I hope other people have weird traditions/childhood memories. And I’m not the only one who is this strange (It wouldn’t surprise me at all)

Happy Holidays!