I’m pretty sure we need to build an ark…

I’ve been MIA the last week, mostly due to spending the week packing, the weekend moving, and then Sunday at urgent care making sure I didn’t have strep throat. (Not to worry, it wasn’t strep)

And now it is  another work week

And it has been raining for what seems like forever

But it is still hot and humid (Alabama weather is weird)

But that is all okay, Because Pretty Little Liars comes back on today.

and in honor of PLL and my obsession with Lucy Hale I have had her new album on repeat all weekend.

I don’t what it, but this song makes me smile every time I hear it.



Turn it up Tuesday: Everything is a learning experience

I have been an MIA blogger this past week (personal issues and what not)

Sorry ❤

I’ve been a whole bunch of emotions, but I guess that is what happens.

But now it is over, done with and it is time to move on.

And get back to things that are happy and fun.

and less stupid.

But in the words of my best friend “Treat everything like a learning experience”

oh and to listen to a lot of Kelly Clarkson!




Turn It Up Tuesday: You can take the girl out of the city….

I don’t  like to dwell on tragic events in the past. But I do know the importance of remembering. And that is what I plan to do.

With that said…

..it feels perfectly acceptable to have this song on repeat today. (and everyday really. I mean come this song is great) Along with spending the day listening to RadioBDC.





Turn it up Tuesday: The cold never bothered me anyway…

I’m pretty sure up until last week, I was the only person in the world who had not seen Disney’s Frozen.

But now that I have, my world has changed and I finally feel like I understand the internet again. (seriously, tumblr and buzzfeed- have you talked about ANYTHING else since the movie came out!)

Though I do have some things about the movie in general that I didn’t completely love (like why the heck did this WHOLE life changing adventure for Elsa happen in like… 4 hours!). I will say the soundtrack has become one of my new favorites.

And contrary to what every one I know has said.. I don’t think “Let is Go” is the best song from the soundtrack.  Don’t get me wrong it is a great song and probably the best vocally. But I have two different favorites that I’m pretty sure I have listened to way more than a 25-year-old should admit!




Turn it up Tuesday: Sorry Jason Derulo.

I have a love/hate relationship with Jason Derulo’s new song Talk Dirty to Me.

Mostly I love to hate it.

It is literally the reason I hate listening to the radio I become addicted to songs like this and I can’t turn them off.

And then I feel dumber for knowing all the words.

But I hate to break it to you Jason,

There is only ONE “Talk Dirty”

X0X0- Cassi

Turn it up Tuesday: My inner tween…

With my Disney trifecta finally growing up and leaving behind their days as the starlets of that world, I assumed this meant that I would finally be done with being sucked into Disney’s musical trance.

Sadly I learned I was wrong.

I have been obsessed with the song Replay since I heard it for the first time. Now mind you, I have only heard it in the car and have never thought to wonder who sang it…..

I was surprised to learn it was ANOTHER Disney star. I never really watched her show Shake it Up, (which is ok, because I’m not the demographic and I heard it was terrible anyway). But I will say, I don’t care if she is just another Tween-Star, I’m still going to sing along to this song EVERY time I hear it.

we all have our musical guilty pleasures right ?



Turn It up Tuesday: Can’t help but love

Sometimes (not often) I do listen to  songs released in the past 3 months. I usually steer away because most of them suck. But in the last month a few have slowly earned their way into my” songs I can’t help but love” mindset.

Seriously can Shakira do ANYTHING wrong ❤


Both of these songs have become the new additions to the “I’m not really sure why I love it but I can’t stop listening to you!”